Next Step Recovery Housing Can Help...

As people in recovery, most of our problems start when we use drugs or alcohol.  We also tend to get in some kind of legal trouble. Whether it is domestic or criminal, Next Step Recovery Housing, LLC can help.

Some Next Step Recovery Housing, LLC residents are on parole, probation or electronic monitoring “House Arrest” from various jurisdictions throughout the United States.  Some residents have also been court-sentenced to our program by judges, departments of corrections, courts, and other legal authorities.

Our highly trained staff can facilitate your needs with:

Incarceration (“Home Plans”)

Alternative Housing Sentences

Parole / Probation / House Arrest

Drug Court

Pending Charges / Warrents

Children & Youth Services

We realize how intimidating it may be for some clients to go to court, so a trained Next Step staff member will always accompany clients to all court hearings for support and to facilitate in any court mandated requirements.

(Additional fees may apply)

**Note to Issuing Authority**

Next Step Recovery Housing, LLC complies with all state and federal guidelines and will issue a bimonthly progress report to the applicable office. We will immediately report any violations (such as testing positive on a drug test, using drugs or alcohol in the program, being absent without leave, getting arrested while in the program, or any other violations of our rules) to the proper legal authorities.  We will immediately call the police or sheriff’s department, call the probation or parole officer monitoring the client, and inform the judge or courts in writing that a violation has occurred.