The Next Step Recovery Housing - Family Support


Our team provides services designed to assist the reunification process between clients and their families and significant others. Addiction affects the whole family, not just the individual in addiction. 

Next Step Recovery Housing feels that family unification is one of the most important parts of recovery. Our program includes helping the family members of the addict to get the help they need to deal with having a loved one in recovery. We will refer the Individual and family for therapy because it provides individuals and their families an understanding of how the disease of addiction affected their relationships and gives them an opportunity to heal.  Our staff is available to the parents and family of our clients at any time. We encourage families to be involved with their loved one's progress, being that family is an integral part of the recovery process.    

Next Step Recovery Housing encourages family members to get involved in either AL-ANON or NAR-ANON.
Both 12 Step programs are designed for the family 
members and loved ones of alcoholics and addicts.