Next Step Recovery Housing LLC - Special Services

Next Step Recovery Housing, LLC provides an array of services typically not found in Trasnsitional Housing.

Next Step Recovery Housing does not provide treatment services. We serve as a liaison between the client and licensed service providers for both outpatient and inpatient services. 

The following is a list of just some of the services we provide:

  • Driver License Restoration - through our knowledge of PENNDOT we can help our clients receive the driver's license they probably never had through a License Restoration Attorney.
  • Tax Preparation - through our knowledge and the help of Certified Accountants, we can help our clients with their federal, local and state taxes. It has been our experience that our clients have not filed taxes in quite some time, so we want to ease their minds when they enter our Job Placement Program.
  • We work directly with The Department of Public Welfare to help our clients receive all the benefits they quality for (full health insurance and food stamps). We have a Staff Member who exclusively works with DPW to ensure our client's receive all benefits available to them.
  • We refer all clients to outside Out-Patient services ie; Mercy Behavioral Health, Cove Forge, for intensive out-patient services as well as Psychiatric appointments and one on one therapy.
  • We have weekly peer to peer groups for our clients so that any internal issues may be resolved.
  • We also will have meetings with the clients and their parents. Through our years of experience we realize that the whole family needs to heal as well.
  • Most of our clients have some type of legal problems. We accompany clients to all court appearances along with a letter of their progress and we work directly with our client's attorney. If they do not have an attorney we will refer them to one of the attorneys that are familiar with our program.
  • We provide monthly reports on progress to our client's Probation and/or Parole Officer.
  • We work directly with Children, Youth and Families. We supervise all visits and supply C.Y.F. with reports on the client's progress. We feel that the reunification of families is very important.
  • We drug and alcohol screen all clients at a high frequency. We want our places to be safe for our clients and free from drugs.
  • We know that relapse is an unfortunate part of recovery, so we try to help those clients who do relapse. We will make arrangements for the client to go to an in-patient rehab and then have them return to us so we can help them further.
  • We work directly with Traveler's Aid (BHTP) to supply our clients with affordable monthly bus passes.
  • Through other agencies we are able to provide our clients with GED classes to those who need to continue with their high school education.
  • We work side by side with OVR (Office of Vocational Rehabilitation) so that our clients may receive help with continuing education and work placement. OVR visits our Home Office every Monday to meet with our residents.
  • We provide outside help for domestic abuse counseling. We believe that this is very important for our client's physical, emotional and spiritual well being.
  • We also provide outside help for trauma counseling. We believe that this is very important for our client's physical, emotional and spiritual well being.
  • Through outside agencies we provide our clients with access to Parenting Classes. We believe that providing clients with the ability to be the parents that they want to be.
  • We facilitate Job Placement for our clients. Once a resident is ready to work we will assist in placing clients in jobs that they are qualified for.
  • We provide a resume writing service, so that the client will be put in the best light when going on job interviews.
  • We provide financial management to those clients who are working. In active addiction addicts are unable to pay their bills or even write a check. We work with the client to provide them with a budget and the ability to become a responsible member of society.
  • Alter approximately 6-9 months of residency we will place the client in our Continuing Care Program. This program is designed so that they can live on their own with support. Part of their contract is to attend our Continuing Care Meeting once a week, provide us with 2 random drug screens per week, and take a new client to a meeting at least one time a week. We want to provide our clients with a safety net while they learn to live on their own clean and sober.