Next Step Recovery Housing LLC - Payment Options

Next Step Recovery Housing does not take insurance as payment for rental or administrative fee’s, we are a self pay program. Most often these cost’s unfortunately fall to the parents and loved ones of the addict. As mentioned in our (Job Placement Link) we have a 100% percent job placement record, and expect residents when possible to begin work and pay their own way. Next Step Recovery Housing helps all residents to receive food stamps to help offset the costs of parents and loved ones.


Payments are accepted in one of the following ways:

  1. Check / Cash or Money Order Made Payable to Next Step Recovery Housing (Separate Checks for Rent & Spend Monies)


A. Rent Check – In memo section please add  (Name of Client & Rent)

B. Spend Check – In memo section please add (Name of Client & Spend Account)

  1. Western Union (Please Call to Make Arrangements)

  2. Direct Deposit (Please Call to Make Arrangements)

  3. Directly at a Citizens Bank – (Please Call to Make Arrangements) Use the appropriate account # on a deposit slip with the appropriate name and deposit to a teller


  1. Now Excepting Credit Card Payments!